themes-boys of blood & bone

>Australian Identity-Henry&Andy<

  • casual/chilled  out personality
  • thoughtful, helps people out
  • love for the beach and Australian scenery
  • informal language used
  • Andy was a fighter, he was very brave a courageous, he wanted to fight for his country. He was also an ANZAC.
  • Shows two views fo Australia, country people vs city people

>Rites of passage<Henry

  • Henry finding out his girlfriend isnt the one for him
  • Henry doing the right thing by himself and breaking up with marcelle and being with janene.
  • going on a trip by himself and taking his mum’s car.
  • Henry leaving school
  • Henry gets his first job and has to come to terms with reality
  • leaving his comfort zone

>Surviving conflict/death<Henry

  • Henry having to deal with and overcome problems as they come.
  • Henry waiting to see what happens with his relationship with Marcelle, and eventually dealing with the break-up
  • He has to deal with the death of Trot
  • Leaving everything behind

>Rites Of Passage<Andy

  •  going off to war
  • leaving his comfort zone
  • Dealing and comming to terms with Francis-Jane being pregnant, and deciding to tell Cecelia after a long time of thought.
  • becomming a father
  • Andy solving the problem with Cecelia and writing her a letter telling her that Francis-Jane had baby.
  • Andy coming to terms with the death of his friend and realising that he is not invincible and waking up to the fact of the seriousness of war.

>Surviving conflict/death<Andy

  • leaving everything behind
  • Andy had to watch people die all around him
  • Andy’s double realationship with Cecelia and Francis-Jane and the baby

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What it is to be un-australian

Since Australia day has just passed i think this topic is quite appropriate to discuss.

I think of Australins as easy going people, with an easy going lifestyle and since we are known for being multicultural country then i would think its fair to say that being racist would be un-Australian. Being multiculral is one of the main things we are known for, besides football of course. I do think Australia is a very sport country as well, but not everyone plays sport and i wouldn’t say that its un-Australian to not play a sport.

Soo many different races come to our country because they feel that they will be accepted here and it would just be a better place to live, i think we need to up hold our reputation and stay the multicultural country, because it has made us what we are today.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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